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Small business – big printer.

Although mine is a small local business, it is powered by one of the biggest printing press in the European Union. These partners have been assessed by BSI and are certified for ISO 9001, the Quality Standard and together we offer Hi Definition Reproduction printing for my clients. While it is easy for me maintain a small carbon footprint; the press meets the environmental requirements of International Standard BS EN ISO 14001:2004.  

All the same, as an independent provider of printing in Wolverhampton, I am free of many of the obligations of franchisees; although I enjoy most their advantages in my relationships with suppliers. Of course as an independent I am also able to shop around for the best deal, where appropriate.

As a modern, internet based business; I am free of the considerable financial burden of having to maintain commercial premises. Given that every aspect of my workflow is digital, it seems to me that such expense is almost pointless.

Although some of my clients are happy to conduct all their business by email and over the phone; others prefer face to face meetings. If you are one of the latter, lets meet over coffee. I will buy you coffee in your nearest Café Nero or Costa or – if you prefer – I will visit you with a packet of your favourite biscuits.

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