Below is a selection of client testimonials.

Gemma Lockwood:

“Pete and Heather created a website for our company,Lockwood Electrical & Plumbing Ltd. Not only did they do that but they also secured our domain name which a previous company had not done for us. They we efficient and professional and we are very happy with the site and would not hesitate to recommend them.”~ April 2016

Sharon Samuel:

“I am the owner of a soft furnishing business, The Sewing Lounge. I was in need of a logo, and was looking for someone to capture what I do in my logo. I was introduced to Pete the owner of CPW Stonehouse who did exactly what I wanted.  We spoke on the phone and then communitcated via email. The service was very fast and efficient, Pete replied to all my emails the same day. My order was fulfilled in less than 2 weeks.”~ March 2016

Amarjit Bhamra:

“Excellent service, fast, friendly and very helpful. Thanks 🙂 ”~ December 2015

Louise Wright (A-Stat Office Technology Ltd.):

“We would have no hesitation in recommending CPW Stonehouse to any prospective new customer. Over the years we have found Pete to be very accommodating, fast and efficient. With the benefit of his personal approach and attention to detail we feel we have a secured a valued supplier.”~ October 2015

 Kim Opszała (Corporate Associate at Dentons):

“Pete designed a logo for me and what I received was a remarkable representation of the business in a very short timescale.

Pete’s work is fantastic and his ability to visualise and then turn out incredibly detailed work, together with his extensive technical knowledge, was invaluable (especially for a novice like me!).”~ April 2015

 Alastair Somerville (SomervilleSCAN Ltd):

“I was very pleased with the way Pete handled my order with great attention to detail and designs customised to my requirements. The end product has been well received by my clientele.”

Andy Calloway (Calloway Green Ltd):

“We asked Pete to design a logo for us for one of our customers. What we received was an astounding representation of the customer’s business and an attention to detail that we just weren’t expecting! Pete’s work is fantastic and his ability to visualise and then turn out incredibly detailed work is the best we’ve found in the business. However, this is only a small part of his skills and creating a logo is almost insulting to his abilities. I’ve seen some of his 3d work which has blown me away and I wouldn’t hesitate to hire Pete again.”

Chris Green (Calloway Green Ltd):

“Pete is an awesome all round individual. He’s full of great creative ideas and his graphic skills and his 3d modeling are some of the best i’ve seen.”

Clive Moore (MA Design):

“Pete provided us with a lot of in-depth advice regarding a potential 3d project.”

James Rowley:

“Pete has carried out a number of design projects, from my company logo through to marketing material, all of which have been highly creative and provided excellent results. I have also had the privilege of sitting in on some of the projects he has undertook and this has cemented my opinion on how personal all the projects are to him. He has an energy about him that can be seen in how he goes about his work and the end results speak for themselves. Hopefully you will not just take my word for it and one day, in the very near future, you will get to see the ingenuity and quality of his work.”

Jeremy Watson (Design Brand Ltd):

“Pete works closley with his clients to develop creative solutions and delivers high quaity work within budget.”

Mark Yorke (Born Communication Ltd):

“Pete Stonehouse has provided us with creative solutions on more than one occasion. He provides a reliable service you can easily integrate into your business.”

Matt Wiseman, 3d Modeller (colleague):

“I worked with Pete on a series of marketing and simulation projects. Pete has an excellent eye for detail and a very creative mind. His enthusiasm ensured that all our projects were completed on time and to a high standard.”

Sarah Taylor (SPEED WM / University of Wolverhampton):

“Pete always produces excellent results and all of our clients are thrilled with the results. A professional and personable service.”

Steve Collier:

“Pete Stonehouse provided computer enhanced images of a proposed development for planning and architects. His efforts and images clearly give the concept some tangible elements, the project thereafter gained full approval. The end result built two years later bears an almost perfect resemblance to the conceptual presentations delivered by Pete.”

Stuart Sewell, Games Artist (colleague):

“C P W Stonehouse is a freelance illustrator and graphics designer specializing in 3D graphics. His work has included a wide variety of graphics design; with a strong emphasis on 3D work. This work has included – Illustration for company logos and corporate identities, product design visualisation, architectural visualisation, games, animation, and rapid prototyping products for print and product innovation. Peter has delivered high quality products on time and in budget. I would recommended his services to anyone seeking this type of work.”